Mitzie Mee City Guides:

  • 1-Chome Playland, Tokyo
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    Tokyo: 1-Chome Playland - Get your geek on
    *Geek post warning* Have you seen the movie Wreck-It Ralph? Do you remember in the beginning of the movie, when Ralph is the only one not invited to the party...
  • Las Vegas on a budget
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    Las Vegas on a Budget - Money Saving Tips
    Las Vegas is built upon consumption and extravagance, and you will find things to spend your money on around every corner. However, visiting the city on a tight budget...
  • Nightlife in Itaewon, Seoul
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    Seoul: Itaewon Nightlife - Bars and Nightclubs
    Among Seoul expats, Itaewon has always been a popular place to party, but for many years, the area suffered from a somewhat tarnished reputation among the Koreans. When I...
  • Classified, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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    Hong Kong: Brunch at Classified
      We arrived early in Hong Kong and our hotel room wasn’t yet ready, so we went out for a stroll in the neighborhood. Sheung Wan is a cool mix...
  • Dubai Shopping - What to buy?
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    Dubai Shopping - What to buy?
      Dubai is known as a shopper’s paradise, but shopping in Dubai is not particularly cheap, and except for a few items, a lot of things are actually less expensive...
  • Kiba Hotel, Capsule hotel in Tokyo
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    Tokyo: My week in a capsule hotel - Kiba Hotel
      As promised, here’s a blog post with some more info about my capsule stay at Tokyo Kiba Hotel. I’ve always wanted to stay at a capsule hotel, but every...
  • The Incoherents, rock and roll movie, New York
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    New York: Introducing The Incoherents
    In collaboration with The Incoherents A couple of years back, I bumped into Alex Emanuel at a party in Brooklyn. He’s an actor in New York, and he always has...
  • Korean lunch, Seoul
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    Lunch in Seoul: Tofu soup and nureun bap
      When I was a business student in Sweden, I did an internship at a Danish company in Seoul, and my Korean boss, David, made it his mission to teach me as...
  • Maple Tree House, Itaewon, Seoul
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    Seoul: Korean BBQ at Maple Tree House in Itaewon
    Pia and I both love Korean BBQ, so we ended up having it for dinner every single day in Seoul. Our fist BBQ session was at Maple Tree House...
  • Century 21, New York
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    Century 21 - New York Shopping
    Century 21 is a must-visit when in New York, and this outlet department store can really make me go shopaholic-crazy. Shelf after shelf, floor after floor are crammed with...


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