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Who is Mitzie Mee?

Hi, I’m Mitzie Mee and I’m a travel addict. I have worked in the travel industry. I started out as a tourist rep in Greece and Spain followed by almost 8 years as a cabin attendant and 2 years as an airline pilot. Through the years I have visited more than 30 countries and an unknown (but large) number of cities.

I was born in South Korea but adopted by Danish parents, when I was only a few months old, so that explains the funny combo of Asian looks and Danish accent:) I don’t speak Korean, but I like Korean food, and I have been to Seoul on several occasions. I currently live in Dubai with my soulmate, husband and best friend Poul.

On mitziemee.com, you’ll find my guides to 6 of my favorite cities around the world. Some of them, I have lived in for longer periods, others I’ve just visited regularly through the years, but they all have that je ne sais quoi in common, which makes me come back again and again.

About my city guides

It is important to me that you can trust my recommendations, so rest assured that I would never accept invitations to come and dine for free at restaurants, if the invitation comes with an expectation of a listing in my guides.  When I visit a restaurant, I’m considering including in my guides, I always go as an ordinary customer, and I pay for food and beverages myself. The sponsored posts you’ll find on my blog will be clearly marked as such.

I’m more into cocktails with a view than clubbing all night, and I can’t dance, so when I go clubbing on rare occasions, you’ll most probably find me in the bar. Through my blog and my website, I sometimes get the chance to visit some really fancy clubs, but I only rarely include member clubs and other “impossible-to-get-into” places in my guides, as going out and not being able to get in really sucks. Though door policies can still be tricky..

Sometimes you’re on the list (“but I never signed up?!?”), sometimes you’ll have to wait your turn, and sometimes you won’t make it past the velvet ropes at all. Most of the clubs and bars included in my guides are fairly accessible as long as you dress up (yes, that’s heels and a dress) and, depending on the day of the week, arrive early.

I’ve left my backpacker years behind and even though I don’t mind staying at budget hotels, if that means I can travel for longer, I draw the line at shared bathrooms and bunkbeds, and I like an occasional dash of luxury. I think they call us flashpackers?

My daily budget when traveling is typically around $100-$200 + accommodation, depending on the city. Bangkok is of course cheaper and New York is more expensive (oh, the shopping!). Because the listings in my guides reflect my budget, there’s an overrepresentation of what I regard as midrange options. I do my best to also include a good selection of cheap eats in each city, but if you’re entirely on a backpacker budget, you might find some of the places I suggest a bit pricey.

I try to visit each city at least once a year, and I do my best to keep the guides updated and the content fresh, but if you find any information to be incorrect or outdated, please let me know. I would also love to hear from you, if you have any suggestions regarding the website, or maybe a place you love and you want me to visit on my next trip.


Work with me?

I’ve recently started to consider collaborations for Mitzie Mee Blog.  Please observe that any sponsored content will only appear on my blog, not in my City Guides.

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