• Wulff & Konstali, brunch in Copenhagen
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    Copenhagen: Brunch at Wulff & Konstali
    Have I told you about Line and Maria before? They’re my old friends from pilot school, and last week we met for brunch at Wulff & Konstali. We don’t...
  • bull's testicles at Bror, Copenhagen restaurant
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    Copenhagen: Bror - Cod skin and bull's testicles
      The last couple of months, I’ve been in Denmark, while Poul has been flying all over the world, so we haven’t seen much of each other lately. Though last...
  • Møller Kaffe og Køkken, Copenhagen
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    Copenhagen: Breakfast at Møller Kaffe & Køkken
      Møller Kaffe & Køkken is a popular all-day breakfast restaurant on Nørrebrogade, and I’m an all-day breakfast person, so Kaffe & Køkken and I were of course meant to...
  • Noma, Copenhagen
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    Copenhagen: Dinner at Noma
      A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to dine at Noma. A fellow Dubai blogger and her husband had a table reservation for 4 on a Saturday...
  • Grød, Copenhagen
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    Copenhagen: Grød - The revival of porridge
      Convincing your friends to join you for dinner might not sound too hard, but then try mentioning that the restaurant you have in mind only serves porridge. Suddenly the...
  • The Mad Hatter Bubble Tea Emporium, Copenhagen
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    Copenhagen: Boba at The Mad Hatter Bubble Tea Emporium
    “But ALL Asians love bubble tea!” a friend of mine insisted the other day, when I confided that I wasn’t really into one of the greatest Asian phenomena after...
  • Aamanns Etablissement, Copenhagen
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    Copenhagen: Smørrebrød at Aamanns Etablissement
    Smørrebrød (open sandwiches) has always been an integral and beloved part of traditional Danish cuisine. In its most basic form, it consists of rye bread with butter and different...
  • Manfreds, Copenhagen
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    Copenhagen: Manfreds - Relæ's ambitious younger brother
    Poul is only in Denmark a couple of days this year, so I wanted to take him out for dinner at one of the good Nordic restaurants in Copenhagen....
  • Filur, Danish popsicle
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    Filur - A Danish popsicle with a funny face
    My sister Trine has a thing for the Danish popsicle Filur, so every time she comes to visit in Copenhagen, I make sure that I have a package in...
  • Andersen Bakery, Copenhagen
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    Andersen Bakery - Japanese Danish in Copenhagen
      Andersen Bakery is something as unusual as a Japanese bakery chain specializing in Danish pastry. Previously, I’ve only seen Andersen branches in Tokyo, so I was quite surprised to...
  • Höst, Copenhagen
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    Copenhagen: Höst with Lise
      In the wake of Noma and the international hype of Nordic cuisine, several Danish restaurants have more or less successfully started experimenting within the discipline Yummy Modern Nordic Food....
  • Cape Cod
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    Copenhagen: The day I got a visit from a religious sect
    Early this morning, an insistent ringing on my front door woke me up. Bleary-eyed and still in my pajamas I toppled out of bed and opened the door just to...
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