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  • A Little White Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas
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    Las Vegas: My wedding at A Little White Wedding Chapel
      We had a really nice wedding ceremony at the Little White Wedding Chapel. Elvis was a little late and I had to pay $75 to rent a veil for 30 minutes,...
  • Grand Canyon
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    Las Vegas: Driving to Grand Canyon
      If you want a break from the neon lights, rent a car and visit Grand Canyon. Kodak moments guaranteed. I had visited Grand Canyon earlier, but AC had never been...
  • Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, Las Vegas
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    Las Vegas: The Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo
    4   I’m finally in Las Vegas and so is my passport (read more about that story here). For reasons unknown, I had packed it in my camera bag in my...
  • The Verbena at Chandelier, Las Vegas
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    Las Vegas: The Verbena at Chandelier
      After Searsucker, our original plan was to proceed to Mandarin Bar for cocktails with a view, but we finished dinner late, and Mandarin Bar was about to close, when...
  • Las Vegas WSOP
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    Las Vegas: WSOP 2010 - World Series of Poker
    Here’s another blast from the past. This blog post is about Trine and I visiting the Word Series of Poker at Rio Casino in Las Vegas back in 2010.  Every year...
  • The dancing fountains at Bellagio - Las Vegas
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    The Dancing Fountains at Bellagio - Las Vegas Guide
      The dancing fountains in the lake in front of the Bellagio is a beautiful sight and I always make sure to go and watch (sometimes several times), when I’m...
  • The Strip - Las Vegas
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    Where to stay in Las Vegas? - Las Vegas Guide
    Where to stay in Las Vegas? That’s one question I get a lot, so here are my recommendations: If you’re only in Vegas for a couple of days and you...
  • Las Vegas on a budget
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    Las Vegas on a Budget - Money Saving Tips
    Las Vegas is built upon consumption and extravagance, and you will find things to spend your money on around every corner. However, visiting the city on a tight budget...
  • The Conservatory at Bellagio - Las Vegas
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    4 Free Things to do in Las Vegas
      It’s easy to spend a lot of money in Las Vegas, but the good news for the budget conscious traveler is, that there are also plenty of things you...
  • The National Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas
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    Las Vegas: The National Atomic Testing Museum
      As the name suggests, the National Atomic Testing Museum is all about the Nevada nuclear testing site active for almost 4 decades, from the 1950’s and beyond.The testing site...