About Mitzie Mee

by Sanne
About Mitzie Mee
Mitzie Mee - Sanne Overgaard Moeller

Mitzie Mee is about me, Sanne, a 30-something something, living in Dubai but loving New York City. I blog about food, travel and everything in between. I know they say you have to pick your niche, but I write about whatever I want. One post might be about a crazy night out in Las Vegas, while the next post could be a review of Asian beauty products I’ve picked up in Hong Kong. My blog, my rules:)

My two great passions in life are food and travel, so I travel a lot and I eat all the time. Sometimes, I put together travel guides to my favorite cities. The most extensive one is my guide to New York City, but you can see all the cities I’ve been traveling to (and blogging about) here.

I was adopted from South Korea by Danish parents, when I was still a baby, which explains my heavy Danish accent. I don’t speak any Korean, but I love Korean food.

I’ve always loved traveling, and I’ve previously worked as a cabin crew and an airline pilot. I also have a sinister past in computer science engineering ( I dropped out to become a pilot), I hold a bachelor’s degree in business and an M.D. and I passed the Level 1 CFA exam in December. Furthermore, I know a lot of JAY-Z lyrics by heart.

I want Mitzie Mee to be a place for women of all ages to turn to for inspiration as well as information. Like an online friend, who will share her foolproof recipes with you, and tell you about her favorite NYC restaurants. She will show you what she got on Black Friday Sale and tell you her honest opinion about that much hyped snail cream from Thailand. That’s Mitzie Mee and me:)

Questions? Comments? Collaborations? Send me an email: [email protected]

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The fine print: Any collaborations, advertisement or other kinds of sponsored content will be marked as such in the beginning of the post. If I have been invited for a free meal or had free stuff sent to me, this will also be clearly stated.

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