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Mitzie Mee, Sanne Møller, New York

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Mitzie Mee is about everything NYC. I love good food, so many of my posts are dedicated to dining experiences, but I also write about things to see in the city, as well as the occasional posts about bars and nightlife.

Regarding food, it doesn’t have to be fancy to be good, and even though you’ll see me at fine dining spots now and then, you’ll just as often find me chasing cheap (but fab) eats around the city. Did I mention that I’m a big ramen fan too?

I don’t do reviews by invitation, and I never accept invites, which come with a requirement of favorable coverage. All my restaurant recommendations are based on visits, where I’ve paid my way. If I am invited to an event or a tasting, this will be clearly stated in the beginning of the post.

Lower East Side, East Village and Chinatown is where I usually hang, so these neighborhoods are the natural center of gravity for my site. My guide to New York City is therefore far from exhaustive, and my recommendations are based on my highly subjective, but always honest, opinion. This is New York City through my eyes.


Mitzie Mee, Sanne Møller, New York

Who’s writing?

I’m Sanne, a 30-something Danish Korean, madly deeply in love with New York City. I was adopted from South Korea by Danish parents, when I was still a baby, which explains my heavy Danish accent. I don’t speak any Korean, but I love Korean food.

These days I spend most of my time working on my website, but I’ve previously worked as a cabin crew and an airline pilot. I also have a sinister past in computer science engineering ( I dropped out to become a pilot), I hold a bachelor’s degree in business and I’m still enrolled in med school. Furthermore, I know a lot of JAY-Z lyrics by heart.

Want to get in touch? Send me an email: [email protected]

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