Banyan Tree in Bangkok

The first time I met Badminton was by the pool, where he was giving complimentary head and neck massages to the hotel guests. Banyan Tree has all sorts of complimentary treats, and in addition to massage, they also offered free yoga classes, so I signed up for a yoga lesson the following morning at the hotel’s gym. Guess who the instructor was? Badminton!

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Lobster and pork canapés at Nahm, Bangkok restaurant

In 2018, Thailand finally got a Michelin guide, and one of the stars landed at Nahm. I usually don’t go star-hunting, but since Nahm was at the hotel right next to ours, it also felt silly not to go. I therefore booked a table for lunch the other day. We chose the set menu which we put together from the a la carte menu and here’s what we had: 

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Kojicha Kakigori at After You Dessert Cafe, Bangkok

After You Dessert Cafe became famous for their Shibuya Honey Toast, which hit Bangkok big time a couple of years ago. Today, the new star stealing the show at After You (and dominating Insta-feeds all over the city) is the Hojicha Kakigori. It looks like an edible version of Mt. Fuji, and it is absolutely delicious.

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Papaya salad at Somtum Der, Bangkok

You’ll find a lot of dirt cheap Isan (Northeastern) food at the street stalls, but sometimes, such as when you’re jet-lagged and still not acclimatized to the humid Bangkok heat, you want to sit down and enjoy your food in nice, air conditioned surroundings. For this purpose, Somtum Der in Silom and Som Tam Nua on Siam Square are the two places that first pop up, so with Somtum Der just a short walk from our hotel, there was no doubt regarding where we would be having our first lunch in Bangkok.

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Dragon fruit at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Good morning Bangkok! This very moment, we should have been on our way to Norway to go skiing with AC and her friends, but something came up and we ended up in Bangkok instead. We’re staying at Banyan Tree, which is a wonderful, all-suites hotel, and even though we have the smallest type of suite (a Horizon suite), we’re still spoiled with 517 sqft all to ourselves. Our suite is on the 49th floor so we also have a great view of the city including the busy Sathon Road. In the photos below, you can see how crowded it was this afternoon. I’m glad we weren’t stuck in traffic down there.

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Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

When Poul was flying to Brisbane, I checked in at Mandarin Oriental. I’m not very faithful when it comes to hotels. I usually make reservations through booking sites like and I’m not a member of any reward programs. This kind of hotel promiscuity usually means that I get the worst rooms with the poorest views. Upgrades? Ha! Forget about it! They go to the loyal customers, who don’t sleep around.

January 7, 2018 2 comments
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Dinner at Parlor, members' club, NYC

Last time I was in NYC, I finally managed to come by Parlor for a preview dinner. Parlor is a member’s club in NYC, and members dine for $20 for a special 3-course menu.

We started with cocktails in the bar, and they were so good that we decided to continue with cocktails for the dinner instead of wine. We could choose between 2 different starters and two different mains, followed by sorbet for dessert.

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Danish kransekage, New Year's Eve

Poul and I were invited to a New Year’s Eve party at a friend’s place in our building, and I had promised to make Danish kransekage (marzipan cake) because in Denmark, this is what we eat, when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. And how hard could it be? A little harder than I expected, because I could only find marzipan with 20% almonds or less, and when I test-baked a piece, it just melted into what looked like a giant cookie

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