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Desert Hills Premium Outlets


One of the things I love about USA are the huge outlet malls. They are typically located a bit outside the major cities, but the bargains they offer makes it all worth the drive. Though it’s a good idea to check in advance which labels they keep, as it’s not a lot of fun to drive for hours, only to find out that the outlet mall you’re visiting primarily targets old people and that the most exciting you’ll encounter is a half-empty Levi’s store.

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Beverly Hills, Los Angeles


My sister Trine is very well versed in all sorts of gossip concerning A, B and C-list celebrities, and our little excursion around the neighborhood today resulted in several enlightened moments. She found the salon owned by Jessica Simpson’s hair stylist, the place where they eat sushi in The Hills and a lot of other places which certainly would have been mentioned if OK! Magazine was ever to publish a travel guide.

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