Danish Food: The Kaj Cake

by Sanne

Kaj cake, Denmark

Last weekend I was visiting my parents and at the local bakery, I was excited to find a real Danish classic: A Kaj cake. Kaj is a green frog, and together with his best friend, the parrot Andrea, he used to host my favorite childhood TV show. Even though it’s been a long time since the TV show originally aired, it’s still widely popular, and the cake-version of Kaj has obtained eternal life at many bake shops in rural Denmark.

He is usually filled with cream and covered with green marzipan, but some bakeries have made their own alternative versions. Back in the days Andrea cakes were sold side by side Kaj cakes, but the cake version of the parrot never really took off, and today, you only rarely see Andrea cakes on the shelves.

Kaj Cake, Denmark

When we were kids, my sister and I often got a Kaj cake for afternoon tea on Sundays, and for some reason, we always ended up hitting each other’s Kaj cakes with our teaspoons. Through the years, it has become tradition., so today Kaj also got a little blow with the teaspoon, before he was eaten. Poor Kaj..

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