Dubai: Walking in Satwa

by Sanne

Satwa, Dubai

Satwa is one of those neighborhoods in Dubai, which really grows on you. Located quite a walk from the nearest metro station and without any significant tourist attractions in the area, Satwa has this genuine, local feel to it, which you only rarely encounter in other areas of the city.

When visiting Satwa, I usually take the metro to World Trade Center, and from there I first cross the big parking lot behind the station and then walk though the maze of small, sand colored houses to get to Satwa Road which is the aorta of the area. On a map, it may seem like you might as well get off at Al Jafiliya station, but the walk along 2nd December to get to Satwa Road isn’t particularly nice and the traffic is heavy.

When in Satwa I also make sure to stop by Al Mallah down 2nd December Street, which runs across the Northern end of Satwa Road. I usually order a big glass of freshly squeezed juice along with a shawarma and a side dish or two, if I’m hungry. Al Mallah is right in the heart of the nice part of 2nd December Street, and if you come here late in the afternoon or in the evening, this is one of the best places in Satwa to take in this lively neighborhood.

Dining opportunities are plenty and cheap. In addition to Al Mallah, I can also recommend the Pakistani restaurant Ravi, which I recently tried. During daytime, Satwa is a bit deserted as people are working, so go there in the afternoon or early evening.


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