New York: Mac and cheese at Delicatessen

by Sanne

Delicatessen, New York


One thing I really wanted to eat while in New York was mac ’n’ cheese. I like macaroni, and I like melted cheese, so a dish with those two ingredients together sounded like something that could turn into a really bad habit.

My previous mac ‘n’ cheese experiments didn’t stretch much further than the packaged one from Kraft with orange powder (you just add butter and milk), which Poul refused to eat, but which I actually developed a taste for, so I was really curious to try the real deal (i.e. not made from powder). When I met with NY food blogger Waz (read her blog post about our lunch date here), we therefore went to Delicatessen in Nolita for some real mac ‘n’ cheese. It was Sunday and just at the brunch time peak hour, so the place was really packed, but we somehow managed to get a nice, semi-outdoor table. There were several mac ‘n’ cheese species to choose among including one with lobster and one with ground angus, but I just wanted to try a traditional one, so I went for “The Classic”, while Waz had the Four Cheese one.

It was really, really good but OMG it was heavy! Halfway done, I felt like I had swallowed a brick! I stared at the mac ‘n’ cheese and I’m sure it was staring back at me with its cocky, challenging, cheddar-eyes and my personal version of Girl vs. Food was initiated. I looked at Waz and realized that this skinny girl had almost finished hers, so I forced myself to have another bite, but then I had to surrender. Mac ‘n’ cheese vs. Mitzie Mee: 1-0.



Delicatessen, 54 Prince St (between Mulberry St. & Lafayette St), SoHo/Nolita, New York


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