Seoul Guide

by Sanne


  • Dongdaemun Night Market, Seoul
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    Seoul: Dongdaemun Night Market - Shop Around the Clock
    Dongdaemun is the big night market in Seoul. This is where the clothes boutiques in the city go and shop for supplies, but even though some of the malls are strictly...
  • Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul
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    Seoul: Noryangjin Fish Market
      Noryangjin is the big fish market in Seoul. You can buy all sorts of fish and seafood at the market, and if it swims, you’ll most probably find it...
  • Nightlife in Itaewon, Seoul
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    Seoul: Itaewon Nightlife - Bars and Nightclubs
    Glam Among Seoul expats, Itaewon has always been a popular place to party, but for many years, the area suffered from a somewhat tarnished reputation among the Koreans. When I was doing an...
  • Korean fried chicken, YG Republique, K-Pub, Seoul
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    Seoul: Chimaek at K-pub - YG Republique
    The first couple of nights, we stayed at Loisir hotel which is smack in the middle of bustling Myeong-dong. The area mostly caters to tourists and teenagers, and the...
  • Hallasan mountain hiking, Jeju, South Korea
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    Jeju Island: Hallasan for beginners
    We came to Jeju for beach life and relaxation, but after arriving, it didn’t take long before we decided that of course we also had to get to the summit of...
  • Korean lunch, Seoul
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    Lunch in Seoul: Tofu soup and nureun bap
      When I was a business student in Sweden, I did an internship at a Danish company in Seoul, and my Korean boss, David, made it his mission to teach me as...
  • Pojangmacha tent restaurant in Hongdae, Seoul
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    Seoul: Tteokbokki in Hongdae
      The first evening in Seoul I went for a walk in Hongdae, which is a really cozy area around Hongik University. There are a lot of nice cafes and...
  • Myeong-dong, Seoul
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    Seoul: Hello Myeong-dong!
    I flew from Bali via Kuala Lumpur to Seoul, and since I had a 3-hour wait in KL, I decided to go to the airport lounge that I had...
  • Bar Sahm, Seoul
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    Gangnam in style - Classy cocktails at Sahm in Seoul
    Located down one of the more anonymous side streets in glitzy Apgujeong, Sahm’s got the vibe of an NYC speakeasy. The small room doesn’t fit more than a handful...
  • Maple Tree House, Itaewon, Seoul
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    Seoul: Korean BBQ at Maple Tree House in Itaewon
    Pia and I both love Korean BBQ, so we ended up having it for dinner every single day in Seoul. Our fist BBQ session was at Maple Tree House...
  • Gyeongbokgung in Seoul
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    Seoul: Gyeongbokgung in a rented hanbok
      One of our highest priorities in Seoul was to wear a hanbok, which is the Korean traditional dress. Several photo studios across Seoul offer sessions, which includes hanbok rental, make-up...
  • Han River, Seoul
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    Seoul: Yeouido Hangang Park - Biking along Han River
    Before jetting off in different directions, AC, Peter, Shinae and I had a couple of days together in Seoul, and one of the days, we decided to go biking...