Recipe: Tapioca and Crepioca – Brazilian Breakfast Crepes

March 1, 2018

Tapioca, Brazilian breakfast crepe

My NYC roommate Ana is from Brazil, and she is spoiling me with all sorts of delicious Brazilian treats. The other day she introduced me to crepioca and tapioca, which are both Brazilian breakfast crepes made from tapioca flour.


Let’s start with the tapioca, because that’s the easy one with only one ingredient: Tapioca flour. You spread out a thin, even layer of the tapioca flour on the frying pan. After a few minutes, the little grains start sticking together, and the layer turns into a crepe. Check with a spatula that the crepe is ready, before adding the toppings you prefer. The one she made for me was with scrambled eggs and melted cheese. So delicious! The tapioca itself doesn’t have much flavor, so remember to add plenty of seasoning to the filling. Flip one half over the other, and it’s done.



The crepioca is made from a batter with egg and tapioca flour. Ana also adds a little cottage cheese and plenty of seasoning. The crepioca is then fried a couple of minutes on each side, before it’s ready to eat. It is more filling than the tapioca, so you don’t need any topping, but if you wish, you can add avocado, tomato and cheese.

Ingredients for the crepioca batter:

1 egg

2 tbsp cottage cheese

1 tbsp tapioca flour





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    Recipe: Tapioca and Crepioca - Brazilian Breakfast Crepes

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Chiara March 2, 2018 - 1:04 pm

I am so jealous, these crepes look so, so delicious! I’m really intrigued about Brazilian cuisine. I haven’t had much of a chance to sample it, but from the ingredients and the flavours, I think I would like it. I guess I’ll just need to make these crepes 😉

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