Work with me: Collaborations, Campaigns and Sponsored Posts

Work with me: Collaborations, Campaigns and Sponsored Posts

What I offer

Access to an attractive reader base consisting of primarily women (67.8%) from USA, Denmark and UAE. 21% of my readers are returning visitors. On  average they read 2.45 pages per visit and stay on my site for 3:45 minutes (July 2017). For collaborations, Read & Write access to my Google Analytics account can be granted for verification purposes.

I am primarily interested in travel- and lifestyle-related collaborations, which align with who I am, and what I stand for. In addition to that, the product or service has to be something, I know my readers would enjoy learning more about.


The fine print

I don’t allow third party content on my blog, so all sponsored posts will be written by me. I only do sponsored posts about products or services, which I have tried myself. For event coverage, I expect that I will be allowed to bring a +1

All sponsored content will be marked as such with the words “sponsored” or “advertisement” according to current European guidelines for social media marketing. Any links published will be no-follow links.

Some of my previous collaborations include BOLD Hotels, Hamburg Tourism, GAP, and Intercontinental Doha The City.

Still interested?  Send me an email!


/Sanne Overgaard Møller

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