Zürich: Saturday Brunch at Loft Five with the fussy Swedes

by Sanne

Loft Five, Saturday brunch in ZürichIn Zürich, we had brunch at Loft Five, which is one of the few places in town that serves brunch on Saturdays and not on Sundays. It’s also one of those hip, urban chic places which happened to be located in Zürich (close to Hauptbahnhof), but which might as well have been in London or NYC.

It didn’t take long for the food to arrive, and I was looking forward to dig into my “A Taste of Swissness” brunch combo, which consisted of Bircher muesli, scrambled eggs, bread and different kinds of jam and cold cuts. AC and Myrvete both had the “American Dream” brunch, which also looked nice, at least to me. So let’s eat, shall we? No wait, the Swedes have something to say…

Ursäkta!”(excuse me), they said. “Can you fry the egg a little more?” “Do you have a bigger cup for my Americano?“May we see the selection of jam once again?” “And more salt and butter please!”. Yikes! I’m not usually afraid of speaking up myself, if I’m not satisfied, but AC and Myrvete broke all records. Wonder where they got it from? Because the other Swedes I know would rather chew off their own arms than complain and risk causing a scene:) Anyway, the staff didn’t seem bothered, and they politely took care of all the requests my demanding Swedish brunch company came up with.

I liked the brunch a lot, and so did the Swedes, after all the alterations and amendments. The eggs tasted like fresh air and happy hens, and the Bircher muesli was just perfect. The coffee was very good too, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Loft for brunch in the future. That is, if they don’t lock the door and close the curtains, when they see us approaching again.

Loft Five, Europaallee 15, Zürich


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